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reebok furylite,How did not respond? Jill looked at what this sword can not scabbard, it is surprising. Well, there is always a way to make it scabbard, purple, they are also ready by. Jill muttered to himself, the purple and others really appeared in front of, while at the same time, the whole castle began to tremble. The vibration of the castle with time and become more intense, purple and others are confused by the visual up, and Jill is know how it happened, and that the European force Kai began to integrate. reebok鞋*,Jill shouted, the whole person flashed out of the hall, came to the castle outside, see the castle outside the black hair Purple pupil of the European force Keduo has to split the two sword Jianpian together, began the integration. The more than ten minutes, dark War of teeth and destruction of the teeth have been merged together, and is gradually forming a new sword. European force Kaiduo shouted in situ, his right foot suddenly stamped, the whole domain of the wind tremble again. Buzzing ~! The new sword is launching the sweet sound of the sword, Jill is also staring at the eyes of the advent of Excalibur. reebok̨台灣,My Dirge Excalibur, destroy the teeth of war! Unfortunately, the energy of my body through such refinement, or not break through the final barrier, to the imperial level, a pity that in the European force that more Kaiduo 'Shame of the teeth' came out of the At the same time, the hands of the mysterious black sword Jill also issued by the heartless soul of the sword sounds, and Jill is constantly heard in the hands of the sword in the acoustic to himself. Give me strength to make me reborn! My rebirth can bring you strength! adidas adidas nmd


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